ShipShape Crew does your estimates and consulting for free, so you can
sell more houses.


We realized that realtors spend way too much time being contractors – getting estimates, managing repairs, putting together numbers for negotiation. Our niche is helping you succeed as a realtor. We understand your needs, timelines, and the process for buying and selling houses. We are your experts in repairs and construction modifications. Whether you're a buyer's agent or a seller’s agent, we can help you create peace of mind and trust while ensuring a seamless transaction.


Due Diligence
Estimates & Repairs

Do you need help putting together your due diligence request/response from a home inspection report? We can help you and your clients on either side of the deal understand what is significant and what the most cost-effective solutions are. Let us be your specialist.


Market Prep

Have you and your clients created the punchlist that will sell your properties most quickly for the most targeted investment? Let us help you for free. We will help you create that list, complete with cost estimates and time projections. Your client will thank you for choosing us.